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Engineering Physics or engineering?

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    I'm having a little trouble deciding which I want to go to school for, and my question is, what is the difference between what each does?
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    This question has been asked hundreds of times in the forum. Please use the search function.

    And if the hundreds of threads that have been posted do not address your concern, Google will lead you to plenty of websites on the subject.

    If those don't help, see a guidance counselor at your university or college.

    If you still can't decide, then give us more information. You haven't given us anything as to what type of job you want to do, what skills you have from secondary education, interests, reasons for choosing one over the other...you've given nothing. Since you have given nothing, you have received nothing.

    If you don't put any effort into asking your question, no one will exert any effort to help you. It probably took you thirty seconds to type the 20 or so words and hit "Post". I'm not mocking you; I'm trying to help you.

    If you're willing to spend 4+ years for a BS, and possibly 7+ years for a PhD in physics, it's not too much to ask you to give us more than one sentence. If it is, you're not cut out for either field, no matter how "cool" you think they are.
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