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Physics or Robotics

  1. Feb 8, 2015 #1
    Im going to start at a university after this summer, but im not quite sure what to choose.
    I get B's/10 in both mathematics and physics but i just don't know if im good enough to take physics.
    Both robotics and physics interest me alot but robotics.
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    Which areas of Physics. In robotics, there's a lot of very practical physics and engineering to keep you busy as well as programming and electronics...
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    Do you like to see results of your labor, build toys and program? Robotics!!!
    Do you like to solve abstract problems, research into the unknown (not sci-fi, just obscure phenomena, nothing really noteworthy), just for the knowledge of science. Physics!!!

    The math will be heavy with either, but Robotics would allow you to bail/expand into other fields if you want, Physics will keep you in teaching or academia, depending upon your real abilities ie you won't get a lot of options. You will teach if you leave with a BS or you can work in research with a Masters or stay in Academia and do research and find a way to publish if you want to make any money.
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