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Physics or something else?

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    Hi physics forum,

    I am new to this forum, and I'm very glad it exists.

    I have been having a dilemma about my plans for my future for several weeks now, it just seems that I have idea what I am doing with myself...

    I am a sophomore in college currently majoring in physics, the only problem I have is what I want/can do with an undergraduate degree in physics (BS). To give you all a little background information about myself, I have always loved learning about the way things work and building things. At the same time, I have noticed that I do not think I have the passion to do research in theoretical physics but I would much rather do something finite. What I really want to do is something in engineering or finances/economics.

    My first basic question is: is it possible for me to get into a graduate engineering program with an undergraduate degree in physics?

    I appreciate all positive feedback!

    thanks -moogull
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    Depends on the program and (to some degree) what electives you take. If you want to get into an engineering graduate program you should take electives that relate to engineering.
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    Well I like things relating to computers, like semiconductor technology, and I really like machinery (airplanes specifically) so I think electrical and aeronautical apply to me the most?

    Also, what sort of electives do you consider relevant? I know I am going to take some computer science, as I am very interested in it and I know it is very relevant to lots of different areas/industries, especially those with engineering.
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    "What I really want to do is something in engineering or finances/economics."

    Then why are you majoring in physics?
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    Well I'm not at an engineering school and transferring is not an option for me so I am using physics to learn a skill set that I can hopefully apply to an engineering graduate program, is this possible?
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    It doesn't matter what I think. You should look into programs that seem appealing to you and see what their prerequisites are. For example if you want to be an electrical engineer but have never taken any sort of electronics laboratory, that's going to be a problem.
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    take the basic engineering courses for the type of engineering you want to go into as electives for your physics major, that should do the trick IMO
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    Yes, but I think you'll find things in physics that you'll find interesting. Doing research is more sweat than passion.
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    Some people seem to be banking on it's possibility.
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    Thank you for that link, its helpful!
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    I'm one of the people from that thread hoping to get into an M.S. EE program. A lot of people I've talked to think it's fine. I would take classes like circuits, signal processing, or electronics lab if possible to prepare. At least that's what I'm doing. The good thing is physics gives you a strong background in math, semiconductors, and EM fields and waves.
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    Are you sure?
  14. Oct 3, 2010 #13
    I would be giving up a full ride at the school I'm currently at. I can't do that to my parents!
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