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Homework Help: Physics paper on the conservation of energy

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    I'm writing a physics paper on the conservation of energy. I used the topic pole vaulting to depict the conservation of energy. This is what I have in my report.
    I'm not 100% sure if what I have is correct, but I believe it to be. Would you please read over the information and make sure that it is valid?
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    You're all fine and dandy until you get to this point:

    As the pole vaulter falls, he/she definitely does trade GPE for KE, and continues to do so allll the way down until he/she smacks into the ground.

    At that point, all the energy of his/her motion is converted into heat and sound and flying sand.

    Once he/she is back on the ground, he/she possess no more GPE. If he/she is also no longer moving, she possess no more KE either. She gave up all her energy when she collided with the ground.

    - Warren
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