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Physics Paper

  1. Apr 20, 2009 #1
    I would like to write a physics paper but was at a loss as to the general structure of one.
    Can you guys point me in the direction of some templates, or papers that would act as good templates?
    Also what are the chances of a layman getting published or even entertained by peer reviewed journals?
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    The chances of a layman getting published are marginally above if not zero. Its hard enough to to get any paper published even with a great reputation, lots of previous papers and years of research.

    Dont let that stop you though. You want to do it, go for it!

    What area are you thinking of writing about?
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    I have a theory of everything to give it its popular dramatic title, but more specifically gravity, time and mass. I know my kook rating just shot up, but just because I was unable to go to Uni dosen't mean I can't be right. I understand I am litteraly barking at the moon, but it is a safe hobby and dream to have. It beats gambling and drug taking hands down.
    What do you suggest as a more realistic audience for any paper I may produce?
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    I have a very obvious question: How are you to know that what you have is worthy of consideration when you do not have the full faculty of the subject area that you think you're working in? The fact that you don't even know about physics journals should already cause you great concern, because it implies that you are ignorant of advances and knowledge in that field of study, much less if what you are doing is already well-known or proven to be false.

    While it is fine to "dream", imagination without knowledge is ignorance waiting to happen. You may have wasted a lot of time for nothing.

    Before you proceed, you may want to read this:


    It isn't meant to discourage. It is only to show you that you are not the first, nor shall you be the last, to have this kind of "ambition". Unfortunately for many of us here, we have seen all this before, and there's nothing to indicate that this will end any differently.

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    Yes you are spot on and I agree it is a popular pipe dream and I am just another pipe wielding nut. I do like the challenge and will carry on learning and enjoying the process.
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