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Physics paticles problem

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    I am looking for some suggestions what I should do. I intend do a project about particles in universe but I don't know what to do, to start.
    I am thinking of particles application relating to biology if possible? Could you please think up something or me to start ? and what to thinkof it ?

    Thank you
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    Proton pumps?
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    How about building a particle system ? source code is available at nehe (gamedev.net) webpage .
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    By the way, I haven't seen yet any points as to how particles have anything in common with biology ? Or what you meant I guess might be molecular dynamics in Artificial intelligence or artificial life ?
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    photo synthesis by plants ==> electron, photon
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    amino acid structure.
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    Proton pumps?
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    Pumps...... for protons.
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    I'm waiting for the Burma Shave punchline.
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    Maybe try modelling a particle collider? Let people choose the particle they want to collide, choose their energy and all. Maybe you can have some default settings, let maybe some defaults start from earlier colliders, then gradually move on to newer ones such as the LEP or the LHC. Then perhaps show the tracks coming out, and which track stand for which particle etc. etc.
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    More seriously, why not discuss carbon dating? This nicely links nuclear physics with biology.
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    That's a whole lot of work... You've just got to look at the source code for Pythia / JetSet / Pandora / SGV to see how hard it is!
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