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Physics Phenomena Encyclopedia

  1. Jun 14, 2013 #1
    Since I couldn't start a thread in the learning materials section , I thought this would be a suitable place. Im searching for some sort of Encyclopedia , as the title suggests , I need a Physics-Encyclopedia which covers quite a lot of ground(Classical Physics to Modern Physics). The main reason as to why Im looking for an encyclopedia is to check out phenomena that are alien to me and go into further details and learn about them from external sources.. so basically as a reference. I'd really appreciate amazon links or simply a title with authors name :) Thanks !
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    I recently picked up a book called "the physics book" by Clifford a. Pickover, it's a book that goes over lots of different physics break throughs and phenomena. It has everything from black diamonds at 3 billion bc to quantum resurrection predicted to happen at 100 trillion ad. The book is pretty large and very easy to read and follow. I would definitely recommend it.
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    Much Appreciated.
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    Not to worry I found an ebook version (:
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