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PHYSICS please help

  1. Sep 9, 2009 #1
    PHYSICS...please help!!

    Four astronauts are in a spherical space station.

    1) If, as is typical, each of them breathes about 500cm^3 of air with each breath, approximately what volume of air (in cubic meters) do these astronauts breathe in a year?

    2) What would the diameter (in meters) of the space station have to be to contain all this air?
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    Re: PHYSICS...please help!!

    Post moved to Homework Help, where it belongs.

    What is your try at the solution, jcz?
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    Re: PHYSICS...please help!!

    convert the cm^3 into m^3.
    How many puffs do you take per minute? How many per year? The rest is simple arithmatic...
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