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Physics podcasts

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    I searched for this and came across a few results, but most from before 2013 and none with actual good podcast suggestions. So I decided to ask again: are there any interesting physics podcasts? :) preferably for an audience that understands physics, that makes commentary on recent news etc. I tried a couple of podcasts from physicsworld and they were a bit boring to listen to, maybe they're aiming for a layman audience, I don't know.
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    Maybe you should elaborate on what exactly you are looking for, or what you consider to be "not boring". Otherwise, you might likely get the same type of suggestion that you found on PhysicsWorld.

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    Elaborate more? I can do that. I guess what I'm looking for is something made for an audience of physicists, grad and undergrad students. The "boring" podcasts I heard were just made for a different audience.
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