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Physics Pre-AP Equation Help

  1. Aug 17, 2008 #1
    I need help so I can study Physics Equations.
    I need the Newtonian Mechanics equations. My teacher gave me a sheet that listed the equations on the left side and the names on the right. Well, for kind teacher he was mistaking that we could the connection for the names and the equations in the book.

    For example if you don't understand. density=m/v. I have the name but I don't know it's equations. Good if you understand. Note I have a College Physics book by Wilson Buffa Lou Sixth Edition. Because the equations he has on the left side are not the kiddy one we used when we were little boys. My teacher wanted me to study 10 equations with the names for the quiz that he is going to give.

    Here are the list of the names I need for an equations:
    N= Normal Force

    Here are the 4 that I have:
    F=Force: (Delta sign)F=Fnet=ma
    J=Impulse: J=F(Delta)t= (Delta)p
    K=Kinetic Energy: K=1/2mv^2
    k=spring constant: p=mv

    I need this by tomorrow morning. Thanks in advance.
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