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Physics Presentation

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    I'm in a physics course where we do a few presentations related to physics throughout the semester. For the first one the topic is open to anything I'm interested in. I'm having difficulty deciding on what to choose. I'd like to talk about something which isn't well known - perhaps an anomaly or some phenomenon.

    Any ideas come to mind?

    Its only a 10 minute presentation in front of some of my physics professors and a few undergrads. All suggestions are welcome!

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    This is one of my favorites -- the hunt for the missing neutrino mass:


    The Nova episode is pretty interesting, and it's a good topic, because at the time (not that long ago), the missing neutrino mass really shook up the Physics world -- it called into question some basic understandings.
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    A solid topic would be recent advancments regarding WMAP and the CMB and how it confirmes the big bang theory.
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