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Physics problem: accelerometer.

  1. Sep 21, 2004 #1
    A person dangles her watch from a string while the plane takes off. She notices that the string makes a angle of 25 degrees with respect to the vertical whie the plane accelerates to take off, which takes 19 seconds. What is the takeoff speed of the plane?

    How do I get started? I think the X component is (Tension of String)*cos(25) and the Y component is (Tension of String)*sin(25)?
    How do I find the accerleration with out knowing the mass of the watch?
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    Doc Al

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    Draw yourself a picture. I think you've got the components of the tension reversed. (The angle is with respect to the vertical.) Don't forget to consider all the forces on the watch.
    By applying Newton's 2nd law for the x and y components of the forces on the watch. (You'll find that the mass drops out.) Hint: the acceleration in the y-direction is zero.
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