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Homework Help: Physics problem: block sliding down.

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    A block lies on a smooth plane tilted at an angel 25.5 degrees to the horizontal with coefficient of kinetic friction = 0.17.
    What is the acceleration of the block as it slides down?
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    Do Free Body Diagram, or show where you're having difficulty.
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    How do you make a freebody diagram online??
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    Just make a rough picture of YOUR freebody diagram in paint (MS) and send it over. Additionally mention your reasoning and solution. You seem to be having trouble resolving forces. So for a start, forget about friction and draw all the forces on a block that is resting on an inclined plane on a piece of paper. Then draw a diagram representing the force of friction on the block as it moves down the incline.
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    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    try and solve SOMETHING man we aren't here to do your homework for you
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    Ha...exactly. He's probably trying to draw it on the computer (drawing on paper is easier anytime).
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