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Physics problem practice book

  1. Aug 13, 2007 #1
    Dear buddy,here I ask for some physics books whose names or authors are unknown to me.I am a physics undergrad student and plan to sit for IIT JAM this year.

    As always, these competitive exams are based on problem solving-sometimes MCQ. Specially IIT JAM makes a subjective paper...whereas NGPE and IISc makes MCQ questions based on problem solving skills.

    What I need some book(s) that might guide me to crack these exams.So,a problem book on undergrad-grad level physics.Book(s) for practising problems...
    I have Irodov...so do not post its link...
    Some other...

    I searched for these type of book in College Street,Kolkata.But they could not give me anything.I am not absolutely sure if at all these type of books exist.So,it might be a tough task for you to search for this.

    Please try for it...
    Thanks in advance.
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