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Physics Problem Proof With Friend

  1. Oct 11, 2004 #1
    We are trying to decide if this is true
    we are trying to prove that t

    [tex] t= \sqrt{ \frac{2Vo^2}{g}} [/tex]
    however we think the teacher may have misspoke and it should be
    [tex] t= \frac{Vo\sqrt{2}}{g} [/tex]

    [tex] Vosin45-gt=0 [/tex]

    [tex] Vosin45=gt [/tex]

    [tex] t= \frac{Vosin45}{g} [/tex]

    since you need to muliply by 2 since its only time up and you need time up and down

    [tex] t= \frac{\frac{2V_0\sqrt{2}}{2}}{g}[/tex]

    [tex] t= \frac{2V_0\sqrt{2}}{2g} [/tex]

    [tex] t= \frac{Vo\sqrt{2}}{g} [/tex]
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    As you may have noted, your prof.'s units don't add up, so his answer MUST be wrong!
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    YES! I am happy, I got yelled at by my friend when I suggested that he was wrong.... we will see who is laughing at the end
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