Physics problem: (speed of a point on earth)

  1. What is the speed of a point on the equator of the Earth due to Earth's daily rotation?

    What is the speed of a point at latitude of 45 degrees N?

    Can I use the radial acceleration equation:
    a = (V^2) / r


    v = (2*pi*r) / period
    where period = 24 hours = 86400s
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  3. Doc Al

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    Well... since the problem asks for speed, don't you think you should use the formula for speed? :smile: (Be sure to use the correct radius.)
  4. How do I figure out the radius at 45 degress latitude?
  5. Doc Al

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    Draw yourself a picture. You'll find a right triangle whose hypotenuse is the radius of the earth. One of the sides is the radius you want. Use some trig.
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