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Physics problem

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    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please help me or give me some ideas on this PHYSICS problem:

    1. Give an example of how Physics you learned in the class helps you to understand something that occur in the real world.

    Thanks in advancẹ

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    jimmy p

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    Physics that i learned in class has helped explain why the sky is blue, why clouds stay in the sky and what causes the Aurora Borealis (if thats how it is spelt)

    ...just for a few of examples, im sure a lot of people would agree that the list is endless.
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    thanks for replying to my post...I'm thinking of why human's body flow on the river if a human's body found dead after 2 days...but I don't know how to show it through physics calculations. if you could help me thanks.
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    I'd go for something that can easily be simplified and demonstrated by a quick calculation, for example why pendulum clocks keep the time:

    You can use the equation for a pendulum in simple harmonic motion:

    [tex]T = 2\pi\sqrt{\frac{l}{g}}[/tex]

    Where T is the period (the time taken to complete 1 oscillation), l is the length of the string and g is accelration due to gravity (-9.81 ms-2.

    You can then say that the period is not dependent on the amplitude of the oscialltion (demonstrated by the equation) and though it will be dampened by friction you can assume that the oscillator will be isochoronous and the period will remain constant, dependent only on the length of the string used.
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    Physics taught me how to do the electrics on my motorcycle, how changing the ignition affects the running of it, how adjusting the suspension helps it handle, how changing the exhaust length changes the power curve, how smoothing the passageways increases the power, how the acceleration is affected by my mass, how airflow affects the cooling, etc etc.....
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