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Homework Help: Physics problems

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    Could anybody suggest a source of physics problems similar to those found at the following link:


    The problems provided at this site are what I require but a difficulty that arose when trying to purchase their material is proving difficult to resolve, ie I do not get any response to my query on the difficulty, so I would like to find an alternative.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you for your response.

    Do you know where solutions to past questions can be obtained?

    Best regards
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    I forgot to mention these: http://www.komal.hu/verseny/korabbi.e.shtml
    They are the problems of previous years.
    The solutions are not given to all problems, unfortunately, and this even bothers me:) Some of the solutions are posted, so you may be able to check the numerical and final answer. Otherwise I suggest that if you just can't do a problem, you ask it from me or post it on the forum, that's what I've done.
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    Thank you for your further response.

    I will do what you suggest with any problems that I cannot solve.

    Best regards
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