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Homework Help: Physics problems

  1. Sep 19, 2003 #1

    I'm doing this problem; a jet aircraft bein launch from an aircraft carrier acceleration from the rest along a 94m track for 2.5sec?

    The problem is my answer is different from book

    I am using the equation V=V 0 + at



    I know this answer is wrong I suppose to be looking for the acceleration of the aircraft assuming constant.

    I even tried to work this problem with the equation

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  3. Sep 19, 2003 #2
    Nevermind the above post

    I figured out the correct answer to the problem V^2+V^2/2(x-x).

    30m/s instead of the above answer
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    I'm glad you finally got it! For future reference, it would be good idea to tell us what the question is! I assume, although you didn't say it, that you are given the final speed and time and are asked what the acceleration is. By the way, you tell us that
    V= 94 m which doesn't make sense: "meters" measures distance, not speed. 94 meters is the length of the track so you need to use the distance formula: d= 94= V0 t+ (a/2) t2.
    V0= 0 and t= 2.5 so you can solve for a.
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