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Physics Project Ideas

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    i was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a summer project that involves building with the use of physical concepts. i am looking for somthing not very difficult, please keep in mind that i am a beginer at physics and only a high school student. any ideas are greatly appricated.
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    Tomato launcher!
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    If you build anything and it stands up, falls down, rolls over, lights up, etc...physics is involved. For a first step, try to narrow down your interests to a particular area of physics/engineering. What interests you?
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    Railgun :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    the easiest thing to do is cavitation. heat up a cup of water to near boiling then spin a propeller in it. Little bubles form at low pressure spots on the propeller.
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    I'm going with Fred on this one Rasine, try narrowing down what field of physics you want to consentrate on for your project (I'm sure you already have some ideas). Once you do that then you can start to look at gathering the information you'll need. Also then all the physics forums gurus and folks will be able to give you information/help on your project (there are some strings about physics/science class projects floating around on here already that you may also get directed to that could help). Good luck :smile:
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    I Need Help

    so hi im knew at this site and i needed a little help finding a physics project. Anyone know any good ones?
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