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Homework Help: Physics Project Lighting a Match

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    I need to create a Physics project that involves a 5 step process to light a match. I have the steps down but I am having trouble with successfully lighting a match. My original plan was to attach a match to a mouse trap and when the trap is released, the match would rub against the sanded surface next to it to ignite. However, it is too unpredictable and unstable. Is there a better way to ignite a match?

    Thank you
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    Chi Meson

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    I'm guessing the the following is not allowed:

    1. pick up match box
    2. open match box
    3. take out out match
    4. hold match in one hand and box in the other
    5. Quickly rub match head against the strike panel of the box.

    That's what I'd do.

    Other than that, if you worked at firmly holding the match in place on the mousetrap (glue, tape, etc) and nailed the strike panel in position, you'd have more predictable results. The sky is the limit for other options. Try a method that drops the match that is attached to a weight; when it hits the groud inertia could move it against the strike panel.
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