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Physics project

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    Sir, this is to inform you that I have been allotted a physics project by JBNSTS to carry out in my physics undergraduate course. Dr. Debopriyo Shyam, one of my college professors, gave me an idea that I may work on ‘Matrix formulation of the trajectory of an electron beam passing through electromagnetic lens’. I have decided to work on this topic.
    As indicated by him, I should be able to do this project with minimum guidance. Not only for the fact that I personally love optics related studies, also I have gone through a course of matrix formulation of Geometrical optics. Therefore, it will be a good idea to apply the knowledge to electron optics. Here I should be specific about what I mean to say by electron optics. It is more a geometrical optics, less a ‘physical’ one. What I mean to say is that I will work more with reflection and refraction, focusing and aberration type phenomena exhibited be an electron beam using electric field and magnetic field as ‘mirrors and lenses’. As you would see, the topic is not that you will give me a diverging source, some given arrangement of small magnitude fields, and some focusing point; all with given distances; and will write to you a trajectory in matrix methods. I myself have to find configuration that will serve as reflector, refractor and those sorts of things in this project. Once I become able to find behaviour of the electron beam in a small field lens or, field mirror, I will be able to find the fate of the beam after it passes through n numbers of such lenses or, mirrors. However, at this moment I do not see any more possible outcome of this project. If there are any please let me know. Please remember that I am well versed in geometrical optics but not in electron optics. You may help me by providing with suggestions, helpful websites or, study materials. Another side is that I am not enough sure whether my college masters’lab will be able to provide me all the necessary equipments. Can you suggest me some websites that will have sufficient animations or, pictures to study the behaviour of the electron beam subjected to EM field lenses? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Kolahal Bhattacharya
    B.Sc. 2nd year
    Presidency College, Kolkata
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