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Physics project

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    My school district requires that each high school senior complete what's called a "Graduation Project," in which the student makes a project of their choice that relates to their academics. There's no specific requirements about the actual project, just the completion of different components (i.e. a writing component, a presentation/speech, etc.) along with the project.

    I am choosing my Physics II class to be the base my project and still have to talk to my physics teachers about what I have in mind. I thought I'd propose my idea here on good ol' PF to see what you all think.

    I want to build a small, tabletop tesla coil that uses as little voltage as possible to demonstrate the nature of electricity and conductivity. The things I need to know are:

    • Is this even practical for a student with one year of physics behind him?
    • Is it going to be expensive?
    • Is this something I can accomplish on my own with some detailed instructions and some research?
    I hope I'm not coming off as impractical or unknowledgable. This is just one idea I have. Feedback?
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    Here's another idea I have: assemble a laser. Not from scratch, though. I could buy a tube and build the power supply. Any ideas?
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