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Homework Help: Physics Project

  1. Nov 21, 2003 #1
    Physics Project :D

    okays, for physics ive got to devise a contraption which will protect a raw egg from ing while dropping 3 stories.

    the devices must fit through a 1sqr foot rectangle, it does not have any maximum height, it cannot use packaging material or food/peanut butter/jello/gell

    any ideas?
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    1. Get a small cardboard box
    2. Put lots of cottonballs in box
    3. Put egg in plastic bag and tie well
    4. Attach parachute type device to box
    5. Put egg/plastic bag into box
    6. Seal with duct tape
    7 Test.
  4. Nov 22, 2003 #3
    Re: Physics Project :D

    assuming one side is double of the adjacent sides, say one side is a, and the adjacent side is 2a, your maximum... or minimum height for the box must be 1 in order for your surface area to be 1.
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