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Physics pulley question help please

  1. Apr 11, 2010 #1
    Diagram: http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss136/moe6141/sssa.png [Broken]

    consider the two body system above. a 22.7N block is placed upon an inclined plane which is inclined at a 17.2 degree angle. The block is attached by a string to a 34.5N block which is suspended over the pulley. the coefficient of friction( arrow pointing) is 0.219.

    Determine the acceleration of the block and the tension in the strings
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    Hi moe6142, welcome to PF.
    Since the single rope is connecting the two masses, they must have the same acceleration. And tension in the two segments of the string must be the same.
    Now find out the forces acting on each mass and find the acceleration.
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    the Force of tension and gravity are acting upon the hanging object

    Fg on the hanging block would be 34.5N

    since i am trying to find acceleration, so i have to find the Fnet .. how would i do that
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    For hanging mass
    mg - T = ma.
    Now find the forces acting on the mass placed on the inclined plane.
    What is the frictional force? What are the components on weight along the inclined plane and perpendicular to the plane?
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