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Homework Help: Physics question about momentum

  1. Mar 15, 2013 #1
    Hey guys,

    I'm currently taking the first physics course right now (calculus-based physics), but it's not going as smoothly as I would've hoped. Anyways, here's one of the many questions I shall be posing on the forum: A baseball approaches home plate at a speed of 47.0 m/s, moving horizontally just before being hit by a bat. The batter hits a pop-up such that after hitting the bat, the baseball is moving at 50.0 m/s straight up. The ball has a mass of 145 g and is in contact with the bat for 1.80 ms. What is the average vector force the ball exerts on the bat during their interaction?

    Now, I know how to draw the diagram to visualize the approach, I know that ρ = m * v, and I know that force = Δp/Δt. When I get my final answer, the components of the average force are (-3786i + 4028j)N. However, the answer has the signs reversed. Why is that the case?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Hi bona0002, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    The signs will depend upon your choice of coordinate axes. Be sure to apply them consistently for all vector quantities (velocities, momenta).
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    rude man

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    If the i direction represents direction from home plate to center field then the i component of force should be +. But then the y axis must point dow, a strange choice in my opinion but entirely permissible.
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    That makes sense. Thanks guys!
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