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Homework Help: Physics Question

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    Hey doing virtual school for physics and needed help on a question....

    The airspeed of a small plane is 200 km/h. The wind speed is 50.0 k/h from the west. Determine the velocity of the plane relative to ground if the pilot keeps the plane pointing to each of the following directions:
    [13 Marks]
    a) [E] **
    b) [W] **
    c) [N] ****
    d) [N400E] *****
    Hint: This question may require Trigonometry functions for both right angle and acute triangles
    * = how much there worth

    I had 17 questions and stuck on this last one...my brain is like dead :|
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    I'm not sure what [N400E] means. Except if this gives you an odd angle you shouldn't need trigonometry.

    Try the problem in vector format and all you'll need is square roots... in fact since they ask for velocity instead of speed you shouldn't even need to take a square root... just give magnitude components in each direction.

    But if you want any more hints than "use vectors" you need to show what you've tried so far.
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