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Physics Question!

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    ~Physics Question!

    I spend my weekends reading up on quantum physics. Mostly these forums. I find myself flooded with jargon. So I have a quick little question. I am not taking any courses on physics, I am just really interested.

    So an atom is:


    Proton-----> Made up of quarks
    Neutron---> Made up of quarks

    Quarks---> held together by fermions using an exchange

    Now my question is, where does a boson fit in here? From what I read, a boson is what keeps the electron "in" the atomic structure. But how? I thought one of the 4 forces kept the electrons from flying out into ether.

    Also, if I made any mistakes with the quarks and stuff please correct me.

    Thank you!
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    Re: ~Physics Question!

    Bosons are the particles that are exchanged to give a force.
    So the quarks are held together by gluons and the protons and neutrons are held in the atom by the strong and weak force which is carried by W and Z bosons.

    The electric field (that holds on to the electron ) is carried by photons - another boson

    The big experiment at CERN is to try and find the Higgs boson that carries the effect of mass.
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