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Physics question

  1. Jun 29, 2005 #1
    Long ago in england, the inch was defined as the lengthof three barley grains placed end to end. In what ways was this a good way to define a standard? In what ways was this a poor way to define a standard?

    Does anyone know how to answer this question?

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    Yes- you answer it by THINKING!! I doubt that there is any good way to help you here short of giving you the answer- and that isn't the point of the question. Think about what you need to have a "standard" measure.
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    Is it because all barley are similar in size?
    and it could be a bad way since not all barley same in size actually?
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    That's a good start! Now what other reasons can you come up with?
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    Consider that fact that some things are common and easy to visualize. For instance, I live in America so I can visualize a mile. I have grown up with it as a standard unit of measure. But ask me to run a kilometer and I'm stuck. With someone common measurements can have more meaning as more people understand them.

    As for the cons, you have a good start. Exactness is the key.
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