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Physics question

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    i need a civil engineering project and am not sure the best idea, any idea?
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    Welcome to Pf!
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    Hello, Bill, and

    You might want to pose your question in one of our forums, which are better suited. This one is only meant to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the community. I would have provided you a link to a certain forum, but this brings me to the next difficulty. Without further information about the kind of project, goal and knowledge that you have, it's basically impossible to provide you with an educated answer. Is it for homework, your study (at which stage?), your profession? What are you're skills? What means are you supposed or allowed to use?

    The answers to these questions determine, whether your question addresses engineers, career or academic guidance or simply general physics. Please think of this before you re-post the question. It also helps you to get adequate response, as many of our members don't read the introduction forum.

    and before I forget it: have fun!
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