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Physics Questions Help!

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    !!Physics Questions!! Help!

    An artist must push with a minimum force of 75 N at an angle of 45° to a picture to hold it in equilibrium. The coefficient of friction between the wall and the picture frame is 0.30.
    What is the mass of the picture?
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    Tom Mattson

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    Re: !!Physics Questions!! Help!

    Hi, and welcome to PF. Here in the Homework Help forum, I ask that you show how you started, and where you got stuck (see the thread "Read This Before Posting" at the top of the forum).

    As with all problems in statics, you have to...

    1. Draw the free body diagram.
    2. Set up Newton's 2nd law for the problem.
    3. Solve the equation(s).

    Try that, post your work, and indicate where you got stuck. We'll help you through the rough spots.
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