Physics reference books

  1. can someone recommend some reference books on physics which are available as ebooks?
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  3. There's a lot under introductory/advanced learning materials categories here:

    (believe I found Dr. David Tong's clas.pdf there that I've learned a lot from recently)
  4. i wanna ask about this book
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 6th Edn. (R.A.Serway, J.W.Jewett, Thomson 2004, ISBN 0534408427

    is it available in e-book

    and also the previous editions and the 7th or 8th editions
    are they available on line as e-books??
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  5. Yes they are.

    But you can find plenty of Ebooks here.
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  6. will you send it plz
    and i'm very thankful for your responding
  7. I don't think trading and selling stuff is allowed here.
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  8. i know that it may be a lot to ask ,, but i think that you will be generous enough to help me find both of them ...

    and plz pardon me .. when i read your responding i passed by the link ... sorry i saw it this time .. i'm watching the site right now
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