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Physics Research Experience

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    Where are some good places to apply that I can get some expierence in research in?
    Besides my school.
    Note: I do not have any prevoius expierence and am a sophomore with an Engineering Physics degree declared.
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    Wow, an REU program I could only dream about. I don't think i would be able to pull that off though. I have seen the people that apply to those. They usually have 4.0's. I on the other hand only have a 3.7. I highly doubt I am qualified for that. But thank you.
    Maybe when I am a junior or a senoir I will apply.

    Thanks though.
    This looks great. I am think of applying to NREL because I am a colorado resident.
    How Los Alamos definatly looks like good also. I maight have to try for both.
    Fermi and the Stanford linear accelerator are great but that's probably too competitive for me.

    Thanks Zap
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    All levels of experience and all levels of grades (ok, not failing grades...) get into REU programs.
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    I did a summer program after my junior year at Fermilab... without having a 4.0.
    So, don't count yourself out too soon. Just apply.
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    ANL DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships Program: http://www.dep.anl.gov/p_undergrad/summer.htm

    Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships: http://www.surf.caltech.edu/

    CPIMA Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences Program: http://www.stanford.edu/group/cpima//education/general_info.html

    NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program: http://www.vsgc.odu.edu/Menu3_1_3.htm [Broken]

    NSF Science & Technology Centers (STCs) Undergraduate Research Experience: http://www.nsfstc.org/ [Broken]

    NSA Signals Intelligence Collection & Collection Management Summer Intern Program: http://www.nsa.gov/careers/students_1.cfm

    Others can be found at http://www.astromiror.org/opportunities.html.

    Good luck!
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    is REU only for american students?
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    Most are, since they are funded by the National Science Foundation, which only funds U.S. citizens and permanent residents. But some schools (Baylor, Montana State) are willing to take exceptional international candidates and fund them out of departmental funds.
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    Is it hard to get into los alamos?
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    I should mention that I also intend to declare a MS I Nuclear Engineering, my junior year.
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    Here are two more links to programs with nuclear engineering research:

    Bettis Summer Intern Program: http://www.bettislab.com/internprogram.html [Broken]

    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Summer Employment Program: http://www.nrc.gov/about-nrc/employment/student-prog/summer-prog-faq.html
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