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Physics rox

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    hi i am a student in class 9th . I am really interested in physics and i am looking for help from this physics forum.I live in Leh, Ladakh. I am blessed to be living in a place like this.and this is how i started my journey in the world of physics:

    When I was younger I didn't know what Physics was but later when I was just going
    through some books that belonged to my elder brother I found an interesting one. On the cover page of
    that book there was a photo of a rocket launch and I thought that if I read this book I might be able to
    launch a rocket. So then I got interested in that book. Actually that was a book of 10th standard Physics
    and I was in 5th. I did not understand anything in that book. I asked for help from my parents and they
    told me that this book is not for my age and if you are interested in Physics you can read some books at
    your level. After that my journey in the world of Physics began and I found it extremely interesting and
    absorbing. Since I like Mathematics also, I found that the kind of thinking needed in Physics and Maths was
    similar. I also found answers to some of my questions about nature. It was a pleasure to do Physics.
    Somehow I also got interested in the history of Physics which helped me in understanding how the world of
    Physics looks like and it developed my interest a lot. I consider Physics as the only true science. The
    interesting thing is that a photo of a rocket made such an impact in my life.
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