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Physics/Russian double major career options

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    I am a rising sophomore at a top 5 school, double majoring in physics and Russian. I am very passionate about learning both subjects and, while I used to consider physics my 'main' major and planned on getting a PhD in order to pursue a professorship, I have recently found myself spending more and more time looking into non-academic career options. More specifically, I would really love to find some way to use both skill sets on a regular basis. I have been looking into business consulting and international banking, but I am still open to any new paths that may be open to me upon graduation.

    The two things driving me from academia are the somber job prospects of a science PhD and my less-than-invigorating research experience. I am going into my fourth year of physics research (two at a national laboratory, one in a university lab) and have become more and more bored with the slow pace of progress in academia. This may have more to do with my status as an undergraduate (and, therefore, at the bottom of the totem pole) but I have spent the last summer waiting for a large collaboration to make certain decisions that would allow me to begin my real work. This is fairly indicative of my research experience as a whole.

    Am I throwing in the towel too soon? I still love thinking about and learning physics, but I'm not sure that committing myself to a life in academia and the tough market that comes along with it - and, for all intents and purposes, walking away from my love of Russian - is what I want to do anymore. If not, what is out there for someone with a strong analytic skill set and near-fluency, including experience abroad, in a critical language?
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