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Physics/Science in Music

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    I'm looking for music that has something to do with physics, or more generally any science or math topic. I am always intrigued when an artist makes music about science, given some of the social stigmas associated with it in mainstream thinking. Does anyone know of any music like this? I'll give a few examples here:

    Chemical Calisthenics by Blackalicious
    Sample Lyrics:
    "Neutron, proton, mass effect, lyrical oxidation, yo irrelevant
    Mass spectrograph, your electron volt, atomic energy erupting
    As I get all open on betacron, gamma rays thermo cracking
    Cyclotron and any and every mic
    You're on trans iridium, if you're always uranium
    Molecules, spontaneous combustion, pow..."

    Positive Contact by Deltron 3030
    "All your rhyme histories combined
    Couldn't violate the prime optimus operative
    Use my hydrometer to see how warm you are
    Watch me form a star
    Hydrogen turned to helium when I shine
    Riding 'em revealing 'em leading 'em to the vaccume
    Interact with tunes in my digital sinital critical pivital with the mental"

    Particle by Better Than Ezra
    "In an imploding star, or a burned out car, I implore you
    In a carbon-arc or a dim lit park, I implore you"
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    Try googling the "element song" by Tom Lehrer
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    Tool: Parabol/parabola/schism/lateralus have something to do with math in each song
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    Google for "Natural Science" by Rush. Awesome song.
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    This is really nicely done.
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    Thanks everyone! I'll check those out.
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    Barenaked Ladies: The Big Bang Theory

    The first part of the song is the theme song to the sitcom with the same name. The only thing that frustrates me about this song is they are using outdated cosmology, and the song came out recently enough that they should know better.
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