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Physics sensor coursework

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    Physics sensor coursework!!!!

    hi ppl, i am doing physics as-level, and we got this project due the tenth of january 2007. we have to make a sensor and do some research on it and do some readings and things like that. for example, this guy did frequency of a soundspeaker, heat sensor and the temperature, oscilloscopes and frequencies and many more like that. i have done the practical bit, but now i have to do all the writing, planning, graphs and all the rest.so i am asking people if they know what will come in the contents? like everything that needs to be there. for example, i know aims, plans, graphs must be there, anything else? please tell me and is anyone else doing this coursework.it's for as-level physics. thanks and we also got exams coming up, so please help, bye
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    If you go onto the exam board website they give you the specifications for free which will tell you exactly what you need to cover in your report.
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