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Homework Help: Physics sensor project = HELP

  1. Dec 1, 2004 #1
    Physics sensor project = HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know what would be the common risk considerations and safety precautions when doing a physics experiment? There isnt seem to be much that I could think of!!!

    And for a Tv remote control and a LED, what reasons would you give for using LED instead of the other one?
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    A LED instead of another type of a LED, or LED instead of old-style ultrasound transducers?

    Well, IIRC ultrasound produced from old-style remotes was potentially dangerous if kids would play with it and push the transducer against their eye.

    As far as LEDs in remotes go, their average emitted power is low enough not to cause any concerns. This maximum obtainable optical output power will be independent of the type of LED used, and typically limited by internal resistance of the batteries and the drive circuitry that actually pulses the LED. I.e. if you change your LED, you may increase your average power a couple times, but not more than that, i.e. it won't suddenly become 50x bigger.

    As far as physics experiments go, then your question is too vague. There are tons of simple experiments that will kill you if you are clueless, and that have even killed people who definitely had more than a clue. And consider being killed a nice occurrence, because it's more likely (most of the time in hobby conditions) that the injury will be non-fatal, but very serious nevertheless and may well leave you severely handicapped. Imagine that you'd suddenly go blind, at this very moment. It's not a very enjoyable proposition, right?
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