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Physics student with some new (maybe not?) ideas and questions.

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    Ok first off, HELLO! Second, this is my first post and I know theres a lot of really well educated people on here, so please be gentle with me.

    I have a few questions... and a few ideas (maybe you can make them into mathematical theories or completely blow them out of the water) to pose this forum. I have knowledge of newtonian physics but thats about it, I don't really know much about the math in more advanced theories, but I defeinitely have a gift in understanding abstract mathematical concepts (I am more of a physics philosopher than a scientist at this point though I would like to achieve a phd some day).
    Please read everything even if you think its stupid all the way thru. Some of it could spark some creative thought even if you are (much) smarter than me. Here goes....

    1)Thise one is really out there, but maybe not so much so.... If you plot the oscillations of the atomic (maybe subatomic?) particles as a group of sine waves (I guess I mean the pulses that an atomic clock measures) of a certain molecule could some form of "musical" harmony be distinguished between atoms (or subatomic particles)? If so could this explain anything important about the formation of matter into different arrangements?

    2)I have heard people explain "GR" and "SR" in so many different ways on this website that I am starting to question if its really a theory or if its just as incomplete as my previous question. It seems from my understanding, that "time dialation" is nothing more than a very complex version of the doppler effect. I've heard time described as a series of singularities... and as you approach the speed of light the distance between those singularities increases. (although i guess the fact that they are singularities means there is NO distance between right?)
    a)assuming the speed of light is the fastest motion possible, this means that time stands perfectly still for an object at the speed of light?
    b)how can you have singularities with infinite distance between them, but no time in between...wouldn't that mean you are traveling at an "undefined" velocity?
    c)also, wouldn't that mean that once you travel at the speed of light, you would actually exit the universe completely?
    d)Could it be possible that time is actually some type of "something" (particle perhaps?) moving so much faster than the speed of light that it is everywhere at once, whose physical existence could only be observed when one is moving at the speed of light or beyond?
    e)If this were the case, is it possible that time itself is the power source which makes our universe dynamic?
    f)Could time simply be a conductor of everything else...conductor as in the way aluminum conducts heat?


    3)Is it possible that singularities of time present themselves slower than the speed of light, giving the photon the apparent properties of being both a particle and wave. Basically, could light actually be a time traversing particle? Let me explain what I mean before you guillotine me...

    If time is a series of singularities, maybe light moves so fast it fits in between these singularities. It would constantly be moving in and out of existence, creating a wave-like effect. This would also explain the impossible lack of mass (impossible because light does exert force on objects, however miniscule the proportion) because the light would simultaneously exist and not exist between two "ticks" of time (existing on the tick, and not existing in between) cancelling out its physical mass yet causing us to observe its "shadow" which in fact is illumination.

    Do any of these things make sense to anyone or should i stop listening to prog rock?...lol
    Go ahead and bash me, but this is stuff i think about that I wish I knew more about so I could have a stronger opinion (and argument). Maybe someone wants to stray of the beaten path and throw some numbers around? Or maybe you just want to stray from numbers, and throw me a beating...
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