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Physics study methods

  1. Dec 8, 2008 #1

    I'm physics, at present I am graduate student, my performance is very low, I belive that the fail is the method of study, can help me to improve my performance, please telling me how you study physics, what methods you use?, how you prepare an exam?

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    Dr Transport

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    Problems, lot of problems. Try them, if you can't get a solution, try another..... To study for your qualifying exams, you need to do a couple of thousand problems.
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    Please share their method, this help a lot of people
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    Dr Transport

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    What method? Sit down with your text in the library and start working a problem. If you get stuck, try looking in another text for some more theory put forth in another manner. Read and write out the general principles. When you are really stuck, try talking to your professor or another student.

    THe more you work problems, the better you'll get, it just takes time and effort.
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    There are method and basic tips. But since your in grad, you should no it. There's no easy methods...

    Feynman's problem solving method. Read the question, think really hard then write down the answer.
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