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Physics Study Tips

  1. Nov 18, 2011 #1
    Hello, I'm now enrolled in a class that talks about charge, electric field, magnetic field, and inductance. I really need help on how to study smart for physics test. I've been studying physics for 2 weeks until the test. Every time I took it, I still get the low scores on the test. The teacher give me a problem that'll make me confused and tricked me on the test. I need the ways to overcome this.

    I have an expressive language and receptive language disorder, and maybe that affects my learning because of language barrier.

    Here's are the study ways I have tried so far.
    I had tutoring, but not much help on the test.
    I did my best to try and understand all the concepts by going all over the notes and go on internet to research on specific topics that I don't understand.
    I tried to do hard practice problems and make sure I understand it.
    I made sure that I don't study the wrong material.
    I tried to follow somebody's study plan who got better grades than.

    None of them have helped me to improve my grade. I'm expecting an B or A. I get D's, C's.

    Anyhelp will be appreciated it.
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  3. Nov 18, 2011 #2
    are your grades based on exams or course work so to speak. Some people just freak at exams and then its more about learning how to calm yourself.

    If its the other do you feel like you understand things after revising or taking notes, i found that i would put key equations or basic notes i needed to remember i put on post its and note cards all over my walls
  4. Nov 18, 2011 #3
    My grades are based on labs, homework, and tests.

    Homework I understand it, labs = okay, test --> not really
    HW 25%
    labs 15%
    tests 60%
    I feel like I understand most of of things. My teacher allows me to have 2 page of cheat notes on the test. I put down all formulas, all basic concepts, and some practice problems. Still, I don't understand why I'm not getting the grade I deserve. Making mistakes that I don't know on the test puts me off. I need a way to overcome this.
  5. Nov 18, 2011 #4
    What helped me was to write ALL givens in the problem. When they gave me the charge on the capacitor, I would circle it, then continue reading the problem. After I finished reading the problem, I would write down everything I circled and tried to see what the problem wanted me to, after I see what the problem wanted me to do, I'd write down the equation that would fit.

    If you write down all the givens from the problems on the test,along with the relevant equations, then it'll be hard to be tricked!

    Good luck.
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