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Physics temperature question

  1. Nov 1, 2006 #1
    I need help with hw .. heres the question please correct me if i am rong

    Ice is put in a cooler in order to cool the contents. To speed up the cooling process, the ice can be
    A. Wrapped in newspaper
    B. Kept out of contact with the food
    C. crushed.
    D. Drained of Ie water periodicly.
    ANSWER: C. crushed. <-- pretty sure Crushed will have a larger surface area, therefore a larger area that can be cooled at once

    A volume of air has a temperature of 0degrees Celsius. An equal volume of air that is twice as hot has a temperature of
    A. 100degree Celsius
    B. 0degree Celsius
    C. 2degree Celsius * i think its this one not sure*
    D. 273degree Celsius
    ANSWER: B. 0degree Celsius, I thought of this as a math problem because of the key word "is" which means multiply .. so 0 times 2=0

    Compared to a glass of ice water with ice in it, a glass of plain ice-cold water without ice on a warm day will warm up
    A. Faster * i think its this 1 not 100% sure*
    B. Slower
    C. In the same amount of time.
    ANSWER: C I think its in the same amount of time because even though both are not the same, they still warm up in the same rate.

    In the mountains, water boils at
    A. a lower temperature than at sea level
    B. Higher temperature than at sea level
    C. Same temperature as at sea level
    ANSWER: A Since the mountain is really high it takes a lower temperature? thats just a guess i am not sure.

    When a volume if air is compresed, its temperature
    A. Increase * im like 90% sure*
    B. Decrease
    C. Neither

    When a volume of air is compresed, its temperature
    A. Increase
    B. Decrease
    C. Neither
    ANSWER: A When volume increase temperature decrease but when volume is compressed temperature is increease? i think thats how it works

    If an object radiates more energy than it absorbs, it's
    A. temperature decreases
    B. Thermal energy decreases
    C. Both of these
    ANSWER: C I think when anything radiates more energy than it absorbs, it has something to do with both temperature decrease and thermal energy decrease

    The reason the sun's radiate energy is of shorter wave lenths than the Earth's is because the sun
    A. Has a higher temperature than Earth
    B. Has much more thermal energy
    C. is an energy source while the Earth is primily an energy reciever
    ANSWER: i am clueless rite here please help :D
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    for the last one i believe it is C that the earth is a reciver and the sun is a maker, for the first one i think that is also correct since it makes perfect sense, #2..... wait what are you asking us???? Since you have the answers already??? are you looking for an explanation?
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