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Other Physics textbook for self study

  1. May 14, 2015 #1
    I need textbook recommendations for self studying physics. I thought of buying the classic Halliday Resnick Walker Fundamentals of Physics, but was confused about which edition I need to buy.

    I plan to teach myself the whole of basic physics, thus forming a base to further study certain topics in modern physics such as general relativity, advanced quantum mechanics and cosmology

    I am currently studying in high school ( studying stuff like motion in 1 and 2 dimensions, thermodynamics, etc.. mainly mechanics and properties of matter.) Next year I have stuff like Electromagnetism and optics etc..

    Thanks in advance!!
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    An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner
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    Perhaps start with Kline's calculus book, you'll need to beef up your math knowledge to be able to use the best books. Then you should hit the heavies like K&K.
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    Thanks guys, I am currently learning calculus with thomas'
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    try learning vector calculus after multivariable
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