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Physics textbook

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    I'm in the final year of high-school in Romania and I am looking for some physics textbooks, for my training for the regional/national olympics, I have to prepare alternating current, optics (wave part) and relativity. I want to buy the books from Amazon. I am thinking about Demystified series, but the reviews from Amazon aren't to good, so I am open at any proposal!
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    I don't know how far you want to learn and what kind of book you are looking for (e.g. textbook or physics problem book), but I think some introductory university-level physics textbooks, such as University Physics, Fundamental of Physics, might be helpful. Also, Feymann's Lectures on Physics is a very good one, but I'm not sure if you might need that for training.
    However, to prepare for competition, you should concern more about solving problems. The solving techniques, most of the time, cannot be learned from textbooks. You should ask your teachers for advice :smile:
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    I need a physics problem book, especially solved problems.
    I need for these topics:
    -relativity (only restricted part)-lorentz transformations and consequences
    -electromagnetic oscillations, Oscillating circuit
    -wave optics: interference, diffraction, dispersion, polarization
    -quatum mechanics: photoelectric effect
    and about my teacher, she is retiring in November (2 months faster than the competitions), and the new teacher isn't so good, so I need the books to improve my techniques after my current teachers retirees.
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    I would strongly recommend you "Problems in General Physics" by I.E.Irodov, it's a little more difficult than introductory level, but not too hard. Some contest papers available on the internet, such as IPhO, USAPhO, might be helpful, but I'm not sure if it's suitable for contests at regional and national level in your country.
    If you want some books that are really advanced, I would recommend you:
    - A guide to physics problem
    - The Problems and Solutions on Physics series by Lim
    Again, I'm not sure about the level of the book you want...

    P.S.: Those books don't cover all the topics you need. The topic might be there in the book under another bigger topic, or might not.
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