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Physics Textbook

  1. Oct 13, 2012 #1
    Hi Guys,

    I have lost my physics textbook that I had in college, and would like to have one to reference at work. I was wondering if you guys had any good recommendations for a "general physics" textbook that I could buy.

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    I still use my Halliday and Resnick from the 1960's.....
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    Thanks guys!
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    I have a similar problem .. the right Physics textbook. I'm retired from my university as a Mechanical engineer, and I would like to review and continue my education in Physics. Right now I'm reading and working in the Ohanian books, but I find the first one to be less than ideal. There are more than 100 problems at the end of each chapter, but Ohanian's student manual is not sufficient, and it is impossible to learn from what is in the chapters themselves. I have looked everywhere, and have yet to find a GOOD physics book that actually teaches the material, and also shows how the problems at the end of the chapter are actually done ... not just the wrong odd answers. Does such a book exist ?? Ohanian's books would be excellent if there was a Physics blog out there with ALL of the problems worked.
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