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Physics to EE

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    I am a 2nd year physics undergrad and I am thinking about a switch to EE. I like the thought of grad school, maybe to be an engineer, so I want to know if my undergrad in physics is going to prepare me enough. Some of the upper year classes I will be taking are: (all 1 term classes):
    E&M I and II
    QM I and II
    Classical Mechanics I
    Thermo I
    Computer Simulations
    Modern Physics Lab
    Optional Classes I will take:
    Optics and Photonics
    Electronic Devices

    When I look at some of the courses offered to EE students, I see some familiar things that I am learning, but I wonder if my degree will prepare me for a switch later on...
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    Physics classes (especially E&M) contain some things used by EE, but EE cointains many things not taught in physics classes and the things in both are often done differently. If you have sereous interest you should consider auditing or taking for credit a few EE classes. Ask one of your instructers about it.
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