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Homework Help: Physics toy?~

  1. Mar 16, 2004 #1
    Hello people!~

    I have a latest Physics assignment in which I'm stuck! Can anyone advise me on how to go about doing it?

    The instructions are as follows:

    1) Select any Physics Toy.
    2) Explain the Physics Principle(s) that is/are illustrated by the toy.
    3) Suggest one or more improvements that can be made to the toy and design how the improvement(s) can be incorporated.
    4) There is no need to manufacture the toy but a drawing of the improved design must be included.

    What type of Physics Toy can I choose so that I can attain a good grade?

    Love, Miyu.
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    How about that little car that goes at a constant speed and shoots a ball straight up (relative to itself) so the ball falls back into the little tube?

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    Do they still make tops these days? I suppose that demonstrates gyroscopic precession.
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    If not, you could always find a dradle...

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    I have the Powerball. You could make it better by implementing some other device to start it rather than that annoying cord you have to stick and pull. [:p]
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