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Physics Tutor Help

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    Hey y'all...

    I'm a college student going into introductory physics for the second time (don't ask about the first semester...basically I had the worst instructor and had to end up dropping the class before I failed) and I really would like to do well. I'm going to also be taking a six unit math course along with physics, so I have to work hard and diligently.

    My questions to anyone is really: does any one know of any good tutoring programs, or private tutors based in San Diego? I really want to get a head start on physics and do exceptionally well...and I know I'll need any help I can get.

    If anyone can give me any information, that would be wonderful...thanks a bunch! :shy:
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    if you want i can pm you some nice sites...you know, lessons for free...

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    Hold,on,apparently he's willing to pay money.This could be one good thing for the economy who's doing pretty badly due to increased oil price.
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    Hey Marlon...thanks, any help you could get would be awesome. My semester starts in January, so I won't know then what the syllabus is going to look like and such...but thank you. ^.^

    Dex: o_O;; wha? I'm really confused...'cause while I'm willing to pay money for an actual tutor (in person, sorry), I'm very much a female. *g*
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