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    Is there anyone in the Hamilton area who is willing to tutor me so I can pass my undergrad introductory physics course???
    I really need some serious help.
    Physics DUD :cry:
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    There's probably thousands of Hamiltons around the world. There's big Hamiltons in Canada and New Zealand, and many hundreds of smaller ones, including at least one in virtually every state/territory of the US, Canada and Australia.
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    I would guess, Ontario. :biggrin:
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    Your school doesn't have a tutoring center?

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    Hamilton, Ontario

    Sorry for not specifying. I am actually taking the course through an online university, and I've tried the tutoring online portion but it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I still don't get it. I need someone to explain it to me and show me hands on. Let me clarify that I have no prior Physics experience and need to take this course only as a prerequisite. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Physics DUD
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    Online physics? No labs, I assume?

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    No there are labs, but easy ones that you can do at home, I have completed half of the coursework and have written my midterm, as well as two of the 6 labs. But since I'm asking for a tutor you can gather that I didn't do too well on my own.:confused:
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