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Physics Undergrad Question

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    I want to go to school for engineering, mechanical specifically but some elec. on the side, but I'm a lover of Physics. I'm considering Double majoring in ME and Physics for my Undergrad with a minor in EE. Would it be better just to get my BS in physics and minor in EE and ME and the go on to obtain my masters in engineering. I have dreams of one day getting a phd in physics, but only after I've worked as an engineer for a while.
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    Why do you want to work as an engineer if you have a dream of getting a PhD in physics? At this level(in fact, after about your sophomore year), they aren't all that related. If you want to do research in physics, then you should study physics. It would be a huge pain to go back and forth between the two fields.
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    Well, at the heart of everything, I'm an engineer. I think like an engineer. I've worked around a lot of engineers in my time, and I've always been better at problem solving and coming up with more creative solutions. I've wanted to be an engineer since I was a child. But, getting a phd is something I would like to do just as a personal goal if anything. And I would consider Physics my love on an academic level.
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